Sacred Geometry is the science of proportion. Pure Architecture is its expression. Its application is Living Architecture in the key signature of sanctified Space. While it incorporates the mathematical ratios of the Golden Mean that shape geometric forms and spirals that are fundamental to universal law and are present in DNA, growth patterns in nature, proportions of the human body and the star Nebulae - Sacred Architecture goes beyond this, tapping the Divine Causal nature that is the essence and underlying principle. It is this principle that is felt through its rightness, its elegance and its ability to amplify the experience of innate coherence.

The Earth Sound Temple is designed to be a contemporary sacred site, whose sole purpose is to stimulate the innate memory of harmony and wholeness, the original blueprint of the soul, the recognition of unity consciousness as the spiral core of all of existence. It is a place of meditation, dynamic stillness, experienced through being bathed in the full spectrum of the Harmony Windharps™. It acts like a living mandala, a place to celebrate music, song, dance, the stars and each other, and a new age of unity consciousness.

Einstein spoke of a "feeling tone" that led him to his theories of Special Relativity and Electromagnetism. The "feeling tone" of the Earth Sound Temple is one of grace, harmony, unity. It is unlike anything built on earth at this time, because it is uniquely true to this contemporary era that weds the wisdom of the ancients with the Now.

The Earth Sound Temple's visionary design incorporates:

  • sacred geometry
  • soundscape : natural sound instruments such as windharps
  • water elements flowing in rings and pools
  • underground spiralling water flows
  • ceramic fire elements
Earth forms elevate the structure. Materials of crystalline structure make up the central movement of space.

A titanium pyramidal frame with architectural sails acts as the roof cover.

EXPLORE the Earth Sound Temple Site for visualizations, plans and explanations of the sacred EARTH SOUND TEMPLE, it's relation to principles of sacred geometry, and the futuristic ideas behind its design.

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